Higher Power , Big Cheese Chamber Razorbite Brudenell Leeds 17/02/18

So off back to the Brudenell again for a night of hardcore with higher power, And what a place to finish their uk tour is their home town Leeds. .

So I get the venue and the place is rammed with hardcore kids and old rocka Billy’s as king Kurt are playing in the main room .

We are in the new community room which is a new extension which makes a big venue even bigger.


As walk into the venue I hear Unsane over the p.a which is a good start. As Razorbite who have traveled down from Glasgow take the stage people start to enter the venue , and it starts to fill up nicely.

They sounded like some of the h8000 bands coming out off Europe in the 90s and the singer vocals reminded me a lot like Saskia Verbeke from shortsight . They looked a bit nervous on a big stage and need to be a bit tigher but over time they will get there . With only a 4 track demo the set was short and sweet but all in all good performance. I think I will hear a lot more from these in the future.

Download their demo here


I don’t know much about chamber even thought I’ve seen them on a few bills. Over the last 12 month .

They play heavy hardcore with plenty of mosh parts. The vocalist sound a lot like Paul bearer from sheer terror to me which is a big win . Live they played very strong and tight set and saying that I not seen a bad show by these yet . And the void of hated release is pretty meaty and worth time to check out if you like the metal side of hardcore .

Download void of hatred here


Big cheese

How impressed was i with big cheese . Very is the answer to that one . With so many young hardcore band playing metalcore,deathcore,beatdown etc ,it’s not often a young band comes along that plays old school 80s nyc style hardcore and plays it well . So much energy passion confidence on the stage it took me right back 20 odd year to the gigs at 1 in 12 . You could hear influences from sick of it all ,cro- mags,subzero and leeway . No macho posing bullshit here just straight down the line hardcore from the hard streets of Leeds.

With only 2 releases to their name the sports day demo and aggravated mopery which was mastered by the legendary don fury who anybody in the know has worked on some if the best 7″ in hardcore .

Check out them out here

Higher power

This is higher power first UK tour. And it finished in style in their home town of Leeds with a good size crowd to boot . Who seem to know each other . Just like the scene of old . An another Yorkshire band done good.

Higher power go for a more melodic sound in both the music and vocal in vain of civ,die 116 ( who they really remind me of) . which is again a refreshing change from the norm .. but they still have the fast parts that get the blood flowing . Again another enjoyable set from start to finish. It bands like these on this bill is why the UK hardcore scene is one of the best in the world out side the US at the moment .


Everything from the bands to the sound


Band playing to horse shoe in front if the stage .


Black moth / grave lines/ Dream troll @ brudenell 16/02/2018

So it’s Friday again which only mean 2 things. Sat at home chilling or heading out to a show .

So it off to the Brudenell in Leeds to see Leeds very own stoner doom band black moth . With grave lines and Leeds band dream troll.

The Brudenell social club is a bit of a pain in the backside to get to . But I love this venue .

I’ve have seen some good bands here over the years sick of it all ,monster magnet,windhand,cough,living color . Just to name a few .


Dream troll

Dream troll are definitely not my cup of tea at all. Could never get in the European power metal thing . But I’m not saying I did not enjoy them . They were pretty good . The singer has a very good voice but the music was too bland and weak for my liking . But you can tell they enjoy every minute of it .I don’t think I go out of my way to see them again unless they they are playing with other bands I’d want to see

Check them out here


Grave lines

Talk about heavy Moody and progressive grave lines pull it off live . Grave lines hail from the dark depths of the south. London/Brighton and with the pedigree of bands they have played in like Sea bastard,Centurions Ghost, casual nun and dead existence you know your in for a treat.

Most of the songs they played tonight are from the up coming album . Which I can’t wait to come out . And I hope I get to see the live again . One of the song .can’t remember the name featured a duet between Jake Harding and the drummer
Julia owen which was beautiful and very haunting at the same time.

For more info


Or download the first release for name your price from https://gravelinesuk.bandcamp.com/

Black moth

There’s a sizable crowd as black moth hit the stage, ok most are family and friends but it is a hometown show.

Black moth have come along way since the first time I saw them and moved away from the garage sound they once had and a name change. And going for big riffs ,rumbling bass and thunderous drums and a vocalist with a voice of and Angel and the attitude of a warrior. After seeing them in supporting slots with monster magnet and orange goblin I get to see them in headline mode .

They have everything tonight from big riffs awesome visuals, and balloons loads of balloons . It was a big party atmosphere. I love a party with a gloomy atmosphere .

Playing mostly songs from the forthcoming album Anatomical Venus due out in March on candlelight records . And judging what I heard tonight it going to a Stroker , And I’m looking forward to hearing it . One of the highlights of the set was a duet between Harriet Bevan and Jake Harding of grave lines which was stunning.

More info


Or to listen



Grave lines

Black moth

The visual effects



The pain in backside getting to the venue

Leeched,hyom,slothhammer,leadrobot,Corinth @ meatlocker 11/02/18

So the last gig of the weekend in Leeds on a Sunday night what else is there to do .

What should of been a simple 20 minutes train ride turn out to be night mare adventure. I won’t bore you with the details .

I arrive at the temple of boom as the first band have nearly finished but I did catch the last two songs .

The meatlocker is a small venue inside one of the best d.i.y venues around the temple of boom in Leeds it’s come a long way in the last 12 months . Now holding a vegan Cafe and chill out area . I’ve seen some of the best bands and gig there band from citizen’s arrest ignite scream discharge cryptopsy Harley Flanagan sheer terror and infest just to name a few . With negative approach, H2O coming up this year. It also hosts two of the best under ground festivals around dreadfest and bloodStaines. That’s why I think it the best d.i.y space in the UK .

Temple of boom



As I finally arrived at the venue Corinth were just about to finish their set . They we’re having problem with the sound as I was told . But I did manage to catch the last two songs . And what I heard they sounded ok . Heavy sludge . Nothing too exciting but good at what they do . I would like to see a full set to make up my mind .

https://www.facebook.com/corinthband/ or https://corinth.bandcamp.com/


I really enjoyed The next band leadrobot . Mixing thrash sludge and industrial with screaming vocals and plenty of sample thrown in . Reminded me of fear factory . But better. They were a bit rough around the edges but when they become a bit tighter they we’ll be even better live .


Or http://leadrobot.bandcamp.com


Well what can I say about slothhammer . They are not for the faint hearted . They have everything except guitars. Two drummers ,two singers a bassist and bloke who plays anything that makes a noise from power tools to children’s toys. One band you needs to see Live to understand what they are all about . As it says on their Bandcamp page

SLOTH HAMMER improvise, jam, scare, enthrall, hypnotise, harm, stab, hack, bash, crash, crunch, stick things in your eyes, hit you with planks of wood and mash you into the stinking horrible mush that you deserve to be.

Could not of said it better myself.



Hundred year old man are from Leeds like the all the bands tonight except leeched. I saw these last year supporting deathhaven and we’re belting .They are a very hard band to pin down to one sound . But think neurosis converge and today is the day and you not far off . Probably one of the best live bands around at the moment and another band that will be over look by the main stream music press.



So after missing most of their set in Manchester on Friday night I get to watch the 20+ set of fast paced power violence . So if you like your music fast and noisy check them out on band camp .


Slothhammer, HYOM, leeched, temple of boom


Network rail

Serpent venom,bast,ommadon,atragon,kurokuma, barbarian hermit The star and garter Manchester 10/2/18

Off to the star and garter in Manchester again for my second gig of the weekend for a night of heaviness ,doom and misery with this cracking line up.

I arrive at the venue after the first two bands have played. (Due to going to the football first.) .

I’m a bit gutted I missed them but I saw barbarian hermit last weekend and kurokuma at sniff the riff last year .


The first band Atragon was one of the bands i wanted to see tonight . So I’m glad i got there in time for them . Atragon are slow heavy and when i mean heavy . i mean feel through the floor heavy . They are defiantly have Saint Vitus vibe with a good vocal going on which is nice . Not the normal sludge/iron monkey vocal that is getting to be the norm now . They played solid 30 minute set which I can’t fault at all and they even finished with a gg allin cover . A doom metal cover of bite it you scum which really worked well . You can download their first full length I,necromancer from their Bandcamp page for name your price and you will not be disappointed .



Next up were ommadon a 2 piece drone /doom band from Glasgow . Not heard of these but I sort of knew what to expect. A sunn o / om type of thing . Looking at their band camp page while writing this they don’t seem to do short songs most over 20 minutes. They started this set with 10 minutes or so harsh noise of feedback which become a bit much after 5 minutes or so before the guitar and drums kicked in for good 20 minutes instrumental. which was actually pretty good . And the set finished the same way it started with a barrage of harsh noise . Drone metal is not my thing . But all that said and done I did rather enjoy their set once it got going…



Never heard bast before. A 3 piece band from London And what a awesome band live mixing sludge doom and black metal . With over heavy baseline mixed with sweaky black metal riffs adds to the atmosphere mixed with heavy riffs that leave you like you’ve been kicked in the knackers . The dual vocals of doom and black metal work really well . I was well impressed with them . And will see them again if I can . Not sure what they sound like on record as of yet but I will find soon enough .If they are as good on record as they are live they could be on my play list for a while .

Download their demo for free here


Serpent venom

Serpent venom from London play traditional doom just how I like it . It’s not often you get many traditional doom bands around these days Drawing influences saint Vitus , pentagram, and the mighty black Sabbath . Live on the other hand they are slow miserable and heavy and bloody loud. Their sound and vocals are a lot dirtier live which I love . On the other hand it seemed like they were rushing through there half and hour set . Or it just might be the fact I was loving it the time just few by. Hope to see them again when the new album comes out .



Bast,atragon, serpent venom


Serpent venom did not play long enough .

Corrupt moral altar, boak, gets worst, leeched The star and garter Manchester 09/02/2018

So heading over to Manchester’s star and garter for some riffs, blast beat and noise for tonight show . After setting off half an hour late from Bradford due to waiting for a coach to arrive from Leeds which never turned up . Then we hit all the Friday night traffic on m62 the night did not start off too good . I arrive at the venue when leeched are already on the stage and the venue is pretty full . Was not too bothered about missing most of their set as I’m off to see them on Sunday in Leeds


Leeched from Manchester play fast short hardcore songs and their set is never more than 20 mins .I’ve seen this 3 piece a few time at the temple of boom and have always been impressed me with their sheer energy live.


Gets worse

Get worse are from Leeds and play power violence verging on the edge of hardcore . And Paul priest must one of hardest working musicians in Leeds. They play another short and sweet set of awesome power violence.


Boak are a two piece grind/ power violence band from Scotland . It seemed a few had come out tonight to see this band . As the barrage of noisy guitar and drum kick in also the pit starts. Body flying about . Minus the silly dancing of the hardcore scene . The power violence and grind fans know how to do a pit right . After a stage invasion by a drunk bloke and the guitarist politely telling him to f**k off . The set continued. As Exodus one said it good friendly violent fun


Corrupt moral altar

I first saw these at the key club in Leeds last year with venom prison and god complex and they we’re very enjoyable indeed Featuring members of horse bastard who I have seen many many times over last year. Corrupt moral alter play heavy grind/sludge and again the pit starts going mental with a few stage dives and people really out to enjoy them self’s to the fullest. This is only the second time I’ve caught the sheer destruction of this band live and I doubt it will be the last .



Good sound good crowd awesome pit action no silly crowd killing

Low light

Non of the bands seem played long enough.

APF records showcase The bread shed Manchester 3/2/2018

It here at last and I’ve been waiting for this since September last year. Originally put by nozi who had put on some of the best gigs i went to in Manchester in 2017 . Now put on by stone baked who put on the belting sniff the riff fest last year at the rebellion. So it safe to say it still in good hand. Its my second trip to Manchester this week . The breadshed Another new venue for me .
APF records is a newish label based in Salford and has some of the best underground uk bands around on its rota.
check out and like their facebook page remember if it was not for these people we wouldn’t have the scene we have here in the uk.

The venue is up by the university across. from the deaf Institute .

I arrived at the venue about time for the doors to open . You get to the venue through the pub flour and flagon. As I enter the Breadshed I’m surprised by the size of it was not expecting it to be so big . As I was waiting for the first band to come on the owner of AFP records came over and said hi . As we spoke a few times on Facebook . Which i thought was a nice thing to do and what a cool fella.

wizards of delights

What a band to start the day off. Big sound bigger riff and energetic front man and very catchy songs . The 70s influence comes flooding out from deep purple ,black sabbath, led Zeppelin and hawkwind .



we move to the second stage for the next band. Tronald is a side project that has a different vocalist on each song . (the vocalists from the hyena kill ,mower,boss keloid,under and riggots ) all got up to do their song . They even threw in a couple of covers crazy horses the Osmonds and thrash zone by d.r.i . I love the ep and now I’ve seen it done live that will not happen often . We maybe next year .


Red eye revival

Red eye revival are a 4 piece thrash band from Leeds who i have seen on a few support slots last year . Last time was just before Christmas supporting acid reign at brudernell in Leeds . Will admit i love these as they take me back to the good old days of thrash 80/90s before grunge and the so called nu metal killed it off in 93 ish . Now with bands like power trip havoc and many old school bands reforming . Which to me is very excellent indeed . New thrash bands are coming through and these are one of the best both live and on record .


Barbarian hermit

last time i saw barbarian hermit they were supporting boss keloid and crowbar at the academy in Manchester . I was not that impressed with them . But i think it was more to do with their sound more than anything . But today they sounded bloody heavy loud and clear which made me appreciate them a lot more live . If you like sludge metal you’ll love these . In their words they sound like a cyclops driving a freight train through a herd of wilder beasts . Which sums them up very well. It also turns out the one of the members is good mate of my younger brother . what a small world we live in.



As we return back the big stage it time for ba’al. They hail come from the dark side of Yorkshire Sheffield. one of the few bands I’ve not seen yet . Not sounding too far from bands like deafhaven,dawn ryd and coltsblood . This moody band takes the black metal vocal to new level with the music to match . unlike the for mentioned they take their music to heavy side of black metal . Playing in a shadow orange light and singer on the floor just added to moody atmosphere.



Under from Stockport are very hard to pin down both live and on record . This is the second time I’ve seen these but still can’t put my finger on what it is that make them so good . So the best thing is to check out their band camp page or check them out live and make up your own minds . live they just crush it even when the guitarist just walks through the door plug in and plays classic



Battalions from hull are one band you have to see live. If you like you music heavy sludgy loud and dam groovy . With 2 album and ep under their belts .And a new one out later they have enough songs to play a decent length set as headliner . I cant wait to see these again at the dragon fest in my home town of Bradford later this year and at the riffolution at the rebellion in Manchester.


Diesel King

The day is well on its way and so are most of the punters and venue is filling up nicely. As we move to the small stage its starting to feel like top of the pops moving from one side of the venue to the other. I’m just waiting for simon mayo to walk past . And he did not that simon mayo but the guitarist from under . Any how diesel king from London are one of the other bands i want it see today. They sounded like crowbar/down etc with the vocalist looking and sounding like he has come straight out of a hardcore band so imagine dwid from integrity singing for crowbar and your there . A few sound problem but a good solid set .



Bury band pist does what it’s says on the tin. Good times booze and silly songs . Live they also live up to their name . Very entertaining to say the least and not taking things too serious and having lots fun to boot . Even joined for one song by members of bong cauldron dressed robots made out foster lager cases . It nice to see band having fun . They are setting off on a short tour with label mates battalions at the end of Feb/March make sure you catch them or check out the album rhythm and booze .


The hyena kill

The hyena kill are a two piece band from Manchester and by Christ very noisy indeed . The singers vocals remind of early page Hamilton from helmet and music is not far of the stuff amphetamine reptiles and sub pop records we’re putting of in the 90s . The drummer beat the drums so hard I’m surprised they were still in one piece by the end of the show . They are even playing download on the dogtooth stage . So if your one who likes to check out up and coming bands you should check these out or better still catch them at at venue some where . I rate this band on just one live show so trust when i say check them out I mean it

http://thehyenakill.com or https://thehyenakill.b


i don’t know what they put in the water in hull to make two of the heaviest bands around . first it was battalions and now masiff. The last time i saw these guys they only had one guitarist and they were dam heavy then . So i could only imagine how heavy they are with two . and i was not disappointed at all . mixing hardcore/doom and sludge together for a no nonsense heavy sound . I’ve had their ep wrank on rotation for months now and i still find new reasons to love them more .


so we hit the small stage for the last time for Manchester band nomad a sludge band with growling vocal like bands like hooded Menace and conan . By this time of the day even the bands started to luck a bit worst for wear and i had visions of the singer falling over or falling into he drum kit at some point . But he manage to get to of the set without doing either . Not the best gig I’ve seen nomad do but not the worst either .


Bong cauldron

Bong cauldron are the band i wanted to see the most today . I sort of remember seeing in Bradford in my alcohol fueled days . Back then they reminded me of iron monkey . Not so much now ive seen the sober. more like motorhead meets sabbath with the lyrics of tankard . A very good and funny set with the owner of APF records drumming on the last song . I could see this band many times and not get fed up with them.


desert storm

Oxford band desert storm are one of the bands I’ve not really paid any attention to so did not really know what to expect . With 4 albums under their belt and some top notch support slots . Why have i never seen or heard this band before now . Stoner rock with a harsher vocal than most bands about but just a groovy . I was gutted i only got to see half the set due to having to leave to get my coach home . I’m going to have to check out more from this band and its a must i go and see them again at some point .

highlights of the day

Everything . The sound the venue, the people, the bands and organisation

low lights

Having to leave early and missing half of desert storms set.

pestilence/ rebaellion . Rebellion Manchester 1/2/2018

So January is over and its the first day of February and my first gig of 8 . (Subject to change) heading over the rebellion in Manchester with my good mate Andy for some old school death metal with pestilence with rebaellion supporting . Consuming impulse was one of my favorite death metal records back in the day . And it will be good to see them play some song off it . The is a special tour as they are only playing songs from their first four album which is a double bonus.


I’ve not been to a death metal show in very long time so when pestilence said they were doing a tour i thought why not.
I’ve Not heard the opening band before this show but had it on good authority that they are good live . And bloody hell they were right. Hailing from Brazil they have been a round a fair few years now playing old school death metal with one of the best live drums sounds I’ve heard in a very long time . Its also nice to see a death metal drummer not relying on trigger switches . ( which are a pet hate of mine ) . They played a very loud and tight 40+ minute set that kept me saying wow from start till finish. Bloody outstanding indeed . Will definitely have to check their back catalogue now .


I’ve been wanting to see pestilence since i first heard consuming impulse many moons ago . 20 old year later I’m stood in the rebellion in Manchester with about 100 metal fans waiting for them to the hit the stage . The time is here . As the intro started the room full up and they start the first track malleus maleficarum/antropomorphia taken from their debut album . They did start off a bit ropey . As the drums sounded awful . But when the sound man sorted the sound out its heavy and very loud and clear . They then played the next two song of the debut finishing with commandments before playing 3 song of my favorite album consuming impulse. Before hitting the more technical albums of testimony of ancients and spheres. Once they hit the hour mark i will admit i started to get little bored . Its was not the songs themselves. I could not fault that but the guitar solos were painful to listen to. And a tad out of tune . Apart from that both bands played cracking sets .


rebeallion full set
getting to hear songs from the first two pestilence albums and the sound . And the
best quote by my mate Andy Jackson. The sound was clear and bleeding loud . 5.1 surround sound death metal is the future 😂

The trigger switches on pestilence drums and the pain full guitar solos and his headless guitar .